How to Select a Home Health Care Nurse For Mom

When caring for a senior gets to be too much for themselves or you as a caregiver, it is time to consider the help of a home health care nurse. This can be a daunting task and costly. So it is important to know what you are looking for. Here is help in how to select a Home Health Care Nurse.

Often it is preferable to use a home health care nurse for seniors, especially when problems are too much for them or yourself to handle. If you’re trying to organize this for a parent, you’re no doubt feeling some anxiety and hesitation about where to go for help. This is perfectly natural and there are ways you can alleviate your concerns before your hire.

Home health care provides a number of services including nursing care (full or part-time in the home) or other specialized health professionals. They come into the home and give treatment and check-ups to the patient, with some services such as transport also available. They can assist with things like grocery shopping, doctors’ appointments and other assistance, depending on the agency.

One of the first things you may need to consider is how to pay for these services, and the additional costs that may be involved. The first thing you should find out is whether the agency is Medicare certified. This means that they have to pass quality control and tests to assure their work is legitimate and their staff are qualified. Then you need to decide what services you require for your senior.

If there is the need for personal care such as bathing assistance or supplementary services like shopping and cleaning then you’ll want to find an agency that can provide it. You’ll also want to make sure they have staff available at the times of day that your parent or senior needs the help.

It can be quite uncomfortable at the start for the senior as well, to have a stranger involved in such intimate moments of daily life. So it is important that they can meet with the agency and any nurses that will be provided, to ensure compatibility.

You can usually request a same-sex carer if your parent is concerned about this. Some older men would prefer not to have women caring for them and vice versa for the women – can you imagine a young man coming in to shower or dress you every day? Make sure you deal with an agency that will respect the rights and privacy concerns of your senior.

You’ll be able to find care that ranges from permanent in home care provided all day, every day, to a half hour visit a couple of times a week – whatever is needed.

While you do not have to use an agency and can consider privately hiring a nurse to provide care, often an agency will have a number of qualification systems in place that will ensure their competency and reliability. They will require their people to undergo background checks, criminal checks and other qualification checks. You can request the information yourself but it can be harder to obtain, and often references may not be legitimate.

The agencies also will have immediate back up personnel should the primar

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Concerns About The Growth Of Term Paper Mills And Essay Mills For Health And Nursing Students

The work I’ve been involved with on contract cheating over the past decade has looked at students who pay for work to be completed for them online. This is a concerning behaviour. Students who do not complete their own learning are not gaining the skills they need for employment and the workplace.

A worrying trend that has emerged in recent years are essay mills (also known as term paper mills) that are designed to cater for students from particular academic disciplines.

You can find essay mills aimed at law students, business students, computing students or any academic discipline that you can think of.

From the point of view of the company marketing essay writing services to students, this is a smart decision. Providing niche essay mills means that students are more likely to find your company online. They are also more likely to trust that you have the academic ability to help them with their particular subject or academic discipline.

Actually, the truth is far less clear-cut. Investigations that I’ve been involved with have shown that most of these companies are not as specialised as they make out. The same company is often providing services through several different trading names. Each of these uses the same pool of writers, regardless of which entry point was used to get the students involved with these services.

The growth of essay mills in subject specific areas is also of concern when fitness to practice is considered. Nursing is a particular example which has been identified. Here, students need to leave their academic course with practical and mathematical skills that they will use on a hospital ward or with patients.

When students see nursing essay mills online, this is an encouragement for them to cheat and to receive help that they are not entitled to. This can mean that they end up being in front of patients, but lacking the medical care skills needed to support them with their conditions. The issue becomes one of public safety.

There are all kinds of things that could go wrong when a nurse who is not properly qualified ends up working with patients. There have been instances identified in the media where patients have been dispensed the wrong prescription drugs, or provided with the incorrect amount of medication. Patient notes be recorded incorrectly, leading to problems down the line. Nurses who have taken short cuts during their educational journey may continue to do so when put in front of patients.

As a result, I strongly discourage prospective nurses who are tempted to use essay mills from doing so. Previous examples looking at the essays produced by these services have shown that they are often not very good. Nurses have been caught attempting to cheat, removed from their courses and subsequently never able to get a job in the caring profession.

It is much better for students to do their own work. Academic assessments in nursing are set for a reason and do directly lead onto nursing placements and the day-to-day work that will be undertaken. Only by avoiding and eliminating the temptations to cheat can we be assured that all nurses are able to provide the standard of hospital care that we should expect.

Dr. Thomas Lancaster is an expert researcher in the prevention and detection of student

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